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Noori India Restaurant, Indian food on Koh Samui, ThailandNoori India Restaurant, Koh Samui
Noori India Restaurant, Koh Samui

In this world – there’s a reason for everything. You go on holiday – because you work hard all year. You come to Samui – because it’s a tropical paradise. And you love eating Thai food – because it’s so delicious. But you like a change too – because you don’t want the same cuisine every day.

Indian is a great alternative. It’s still Asian – you are in Asia after all. It’s still spicy – giving it that distinctly Oriental flavour. And it’s still absolutely delicious – if you go to the right restaurant!

But there are surprisingly few Indian restaurants on Samui. And there are even fewer that provide the things that we in the West have come to expect of a quality Indian restaurant. We’re used to having three things. Firstly, and most importantly, excellent food – with a good selection. Secondly, we expect attentive and efficient service. And thirdly, the surroundings and atmosphere must be pleasant and relaxing – a place where we’d be happy to be on a great night out. Not just going there to fill ourselves up.

Since December 1998, Noori India has established itself as just such a restaurant. And for some very good reasons (it sells India’s famous Kingfisher beer too!). Let’s take a look at the food first.

The menu is dazzling. It’s got all the favourites, plus a whole lot more. And every single dish served at Noori India is 100% halal. If you like Vegetable Samosas at your local Indian take-away, you’ll love these! The Chicken Tikka Masala – boneless chicken marinated in Indian spices and then roasted in the Tandoor oven is also first-class. And the Shami Kebab – deep-fried mashed lamb mixed with egg and Indian spices will surely get your mouth watering. And these are just a few of the appetizers!

As an indication of just how extensive the menu is, there are 20 different breads alone! And vegetarians will be pleased to note that there are 22 dishes just for you, including a magnificent Dal Makham – black lentils boiled and garnished with Indian spices then topped with cream. An exciting alternative from having to eat yet another salad.

Another dish worthy of special mention is the Chicken Tawa – succulent pieces of chicken cooked with tomatoes, capsicum and other Indian spices, and served on a sizzling hot-plate. It really is marvellous. And then there’s their delicious Lamb Rogan Josh – fresh lamb cooked in rogan sauce. You’d have to go a long way to find a better one.

Most of the desserts are authentic Indian dishes such as the Gulab Jamun – milk-cream fried balls dipped in honey syrup. But they do serve ice-cream desserts too for traditionalists who prefer ending their meal with that perennial western favourite.

“… and every single dish served at Noori India is 100% halal.”

So how is it that the food’s so much better here than at rival Indian restaurants? Well, that could have something to do with the chef – Ram Singh. He’s been working in Indian restaurants for the past 20 years, and what he doesn’t know about this particular cuisine isn’t worth knowing! Mention a dish that isn’t on the menu (which is practically impossible!), and he’ll disappear back into the kitchen and prepare it for you. Cooking Indian cuisine is Ram’s life’s work. He takes great pride in what he does – with every justification.

And Ram isn’t the only member of staff who makes Noori India a special restaurant. The friendly serving-staff couldn’t be more helpful either, and are always there to take your next order. Which is exactly what you want when you’re hungry for more.

So that just leaves the restaurant itself. You’ll be pleased to learn that it’s very easy to get to, being on Chaweng Beach Road opposite Chaweng Buri Resort in central Chaweng. And further good news is that following the original restaurant’s success, another branch of Noori India has recently opened just along the road from the famous Poppies Resort in South Chaweng. So now you get double the opportunity of eating the best Indian food on Samui.

And as we were saying earlier – 'there's a reason for everything in this world'. But there are many reasons for eating at Noori India. And that's why they been Samui's top Indian restaurant on TripAdvisor every year since 2007!

The restaurant is open from 11:00 am – 11:30 pm.
For further information, reservations and take-away orders (free delivery in Chaweng area), telephone 0 7741 3315, or 0 867 407 873.

Noori India Restaurant, Indian Cuisine
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below is a list of the restaurants we have reviewed. the list is consisting entirely of the ones we feel are worthy of recommendation.
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  above is a list of the restaurants we have reviewed. the list is consisting entirely of the ones we feel are worthy of recommendation.
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